Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have been on a bracelet and necklace making "kick" this week! I have found oodles of old necklaces that were calling out to me to change them up a bit. Here a some pictures of my creations this week. They are colorful, fun, one of a kind, and big time bead-uh-licious!

Today I worked on some resin jewelry. I have tried this before, but failed miserably! They should be ready tomorrow, so I hope to be back with pictures of awesome looking resin pieces! If not, it is back to the "drawing board."

I intended on adding new items to the new website this week, but life happens, and hence no new goodies there! I am hoping for a better week coming up though!


Jean said...

totally bead-uh-licious!! love them all, but the purple one is my fave. keep up the great work!

Jay said...

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Gale said...

That purple one at the top would look cool with a flinstones costume...pretty!

I'm having a blog party to celebrate reaching 100 Followers at Scribbleprins. I wanted to thank you for following and invite you to stop by. There's giveaways and games and other fun stuff!

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